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Tech Leads is a social enterprise which educates to effect change through STEM. We teach the latest technologies in Programming, Electronics, Robotics and Internet of Things in Ghana and encourage students to use the knowledge gained to build technological solutions to solve Africa's problems.
Our mission and core values is to raise the next generation of doers and makers with practical oriented education in Ghana to develop unique solutions in every sector using technology.
Our vision is raise the next generation of solution oriented technology leaders in Africa. Our goal is to equip our students with practical STEM education and nurture them to develop unique solutions to solve most of Africa’s problems.
Tech Leads started in September, 2016 in Koforidua Technical University where our Founder Joshua Kumi who was not happy with the education system of learning theories without any practicals to innovate, decided to bridge that gap with practical learning using latest technologies. He gathered some friends and started teaching them web development and gradually introduced new programs and maintained their goal of practical education to build technology innovations to solve problems.

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